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Double your organic search volume in 6 months

Modern solutions

SEO changes on a daily basis. We keep up with the times and we also use SEO tools based on artificial intelligence.

Experts in their field

Our team consists of talented people who love their work.

Pretty results

Our goal is not to do SEO, but to increase customer turnover. We use our digital marketing knowledge and experience to achieve this.

The # 1 SEO service in Estonia

A new age SEO agency

Stuudio is a small company that solves big problems. We increase the number of website visitors and conversions by providing our customers with the most innovative and transparent service possible.

Technical SEO

In the course of technical SEO, we correct possible errors in the website code and increase the speed of the website.

Local SEO

We help you reach the top in location-based searches by using our experience in Google My Business.

On-page SEO

On-page SEO means adding & enhancing meta tags and subtexts.

Link building

The more links pointing to your page, the better it will rank on Google. We will put in place and implement a specific link building plan.

Substantive SEO

Under content SEO, we perform keyword analyzes, help edit texts, and create content recommendations based on trends and competitors.

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SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the process of improving a website’s visibility in search engines. Better visibility means more organic visits to your website.

A simple example: let’s say you write a blog post about “italian pasta”. The goal of SEO is that if someone google the keywords “Italian”, “pasta”, “Italian pasta”, etc., your post will be as high as possible.

SEO should be a part of digital marketing for any self-respecting business. Search engines are often the main source of a site to gain new visitors / customers. Being above Google’s competitors means that your site is the first to go. 

The simple answer is yes!
SEO is beneficial for any website, be it a start-up company or a big internet giant.
Even if your website ranks high in the search engines, development shouldn’t stop there – there’s always room for optimization or promotion for the following keywords.

Our specialists can help in the following areas:

  • Keyword analysis and promotion
  • In-website optimization (website speed, technical details, ease of use on mobile)
  • Off-site optimization (external links such as social media, news portals, etc.)
  • Improving content

An SEO specialist is a master in their field who is involved in the optimization of websites on a daily basis and knows the ins and outs of current digital marketing trends.

The work to be done depends to a greater extent on the current state of the website and the goals of the company. One-time optimization works range from € 300 to € 1,000. For a more detailed price, send us a message with your website.

The speed of the results depends on how fast the search engines crawl the web pages and update them in their database. The first results are usually seen in a few weeks, but the greater effect is seen in 3-6 months.

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